möscow çlub - Khabarovsk mixtape

our mode 2015.

【00:00】Alicia Myers - You Get the Best from Me (Say, Say, Say)
【02:24】9.9 - All Of Me For All Of You
【04:11】Deep - A good thing is so hard to find
【06:23】Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots
【08:52】Change - Paradise
【10:33】Carl Anderson - Magic
【13:19】moscow club - outfit of the day
【16:02】Prefab Sprout - The Sounds of Crying
【18:14】The Gap Band - I'm Ready (If You're Ready)
【21:03】Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination
【22:32】moscow club - Ivy League
【25:12】Haywoode - Single Handed
【27:18】Miami Horror - Love Like Mine (feat. Cleopold)
【29:31】Masterpiece - I Can't Wait
【31:32】Miho Morikawa - POSITIVE
【34:10】Lustt - Pillow Talk
【36:17】Cabaret Voltaire - Big Funk
【37:53】2 In A Room - Wiggle it
【39:32】Soichi Terada - Come Together
【41:57】Real Lies - World Peace
【44:20】SUPER VHS - Catch A Wave
【46:23】Yukihiro Takahashi - Moonlight feels night
【48:11】Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song
【49:23】KRAFTWERK - Tour de France
【50:20】moscow club - Tour de Moskow
【53:07】The Paradise - In Love With You
【55:15】Sandii - Zoot Kook
【57:04】Mercy, Mercy - What Are We Gonna Do About It
【59:28】Loose Ends - Watching you
【62:12】Namie Amuro - Dancing Junnk

artwork by yumanit**