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Translation of Japan Times Interview

Moscow Club brings back some indie greats on ‘Outfit of the Day’

モスクワクラブが「outfit of the day」で素敵なインディを蘇らせた!

A ride on the subway drastically changed Tokyo band Moscow Club’s fate. After the quartet used crowdfunding site Indiegogo to finance its first full-length album, the members felt it was a good point to end a project that had transformed from a hobby into something taxing.

東京で活動するバンド、モスクワクラブの運命を大きく変えたのはある日の地下鉄での出来事だった。数年前、メンバー4人はクラウドファンディングサイト、インディーゴーゴーを使ってファーストアルバムの資金調達を成功させたことで、趣味の域を超えてしまったこのプロジェクトを終わらせるには いいタイミングだと思っていた。

“We just left it after that. We didn’t do anything,” the group’s lead singer and synthesizer player Kazuro Matsubara says. “But we realized, if we didn’t do anything, this Moscow Club experience would just fade away.”

「我々はその後一切の活動をやめた。しかしそのままではモスクワクラブは消え失せるだけだと気付いた。」とKazuro Matsubara(Vo.Sy)は言う。

Then Matsubara found himself on the Tokyo Metro. While waiting at Tameike-Sanno Station in February 2014, he heard the stop’s melody and was inspired to write “Celine,” a twinkling song packed with a sense of romantic longing.


“If I hadn’t made ‘Celine,’ we wouldn’t have made an album,” Matsubara says while sipping a beer at a cafe in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, referring to “Outfit of the Day,” Moscow Club’s first album in two years. Despite the hiatus, the band has maintained the genre-hopping sound that caught attention online a few years ago: zigzagging between indie-pop guitars and longer Krautrock moments.

「もしCELINEがなければこのアルバムは製作しなかっただろう。」とMatsubaraはビールを呑みながら最新アルバム「outfit of the day」について触れる。それはファーストアルバムから2年後のことであった。彼らは数年前からインディポップやクラウトロックなどのジャンルで探求を続けインターネットで注目を集めていた。

Most importantly, however, “Outfit of the Day” revisits a promising moment in Japan’s indie-rock scene. The list of collaborators in the liner notes are a who’s who of creators that were releasing great material in the earlier part of the decade.

しかし何よりも重要なのは、「outfit of the day」が日本のインディーシーンに再び光明をもたらしたことだ。ここ10年で素晴らしい作品を残したアーティストたちがコラボレーションもしている。

“Two years ago, I thought the Japanese band scene online was opening up to the overseas market,” Matsubara says, adding that platforms such as SoundCloud and Bandcamp made it easier to connect with potential fans abroad. Moscow Club certainly benefitted from them. The group — which also includes bassist Kazuya Torato, drummer Yuma Horiuchi and guitarist Mao Otake (who also plays in the band Mitsume) — started uploading songs onto Bandcamp in May 2011. The members’ knack for writing sticky indie-pop plus a desire to play around with other styles (dance on “Pacific 724,” sci-fi synth-pop on “Fahrenheit 451″) won them attention from a lot of music blogs.

「オンラインの日本のバンドシーンが海外に広まったのは2年前だったと思う。」とMatsubaraは言う。サウンドクラウドやバンドキャンプが世界との繋がりを容易にし、間違いなくモスクワクラブはその恩恵を受けた。Matsubaraに加えKazuya Torato (Ba) 、Yuma Horiuchi(Dr)、 Mao Otake(Gt/Mitsume)で構成されたそのグループは2011年5月からバンドキャンプへのアップロードを始めた。そのメンバーのセンスによって生み出される唯一無二のインディーポップから「Pacific 724」のようなダンスナンバー、「Fahrenheit 451」のようなシンセポップは多くの音楽ブログから注目を集めた。

That ended up leading to the initial decision to step away from the project.


“We really liked what we did; performing at club events at midnight, with drunk customers everywhere,” Matsubara says with a laugh. But soon the idea of disappointing people who came to shows specifically to see them weighed heavily on the members. Plus, the time needed to take the group to the next level wasn’t possible while they remained salarymen.


After collecting nearly $6,000 to release debut album “Station M.C.C.B.” on vinyl in June 2013, the group stopped all activities, leaving behind a pile of demos that were never released.

2013年6月、デビューアルバム「Station M.C.Ç.B」をレコードでリリースするためにおよそ$6,000を調達したのち、一切の活動を止め、残された山のようなデモテープはリリースされることがなかった。

Moscow Club signed to Fastcut Records to release “Outfit of the Day.” Both Matsubara and Horiuchi say, after years of doing everything themselves, the chance to work with a proper imprint was a bit of a challenge, but it allowed them to connect with Amanda Akerman of Swedish band Alpaca Sports, who provides vocals on “Celine.”

モスクワクラブは最新アルバム「outfit of the day」をFastcut Recordsからリリースすることを決めた。「数年間全ての活動を自分たちだけででやってきた後、レーベルから作品を出すことはややチャレンジングなことであったが、その結果「CELINE」でスウェーデンのバンドAlpaca SportsのAmanda Akermanとの共演を実現することができた。」とMatsubaraとHoriuchiは言う。

There are other non-Japanese guests on the album — Alice Hansen of the band You’ll Never Get To Heaven appears on “Carven” — but the domestic collaborators far outnumber them. Ryota Komori of the frantic Miila and the Geeks plays saxophone on one song, while members of Kyoto’s now-defunct Hotel Mexico and Tokyo artist Elen Never Sleeps helped out with songwriting.

国外のコラボレーターは他にもいる。You’ll Never Get To HeavenのAlice Hansenが楽曲「CARVEN」に参加している。だが国内のコラボレーターの数はそれをはるかに上回る。Miila and the GeeksのRyota Komoriがサックスフォンを、既に解散した京都のバンドHotel Mexicoのメンバーや東京のElen Never Sleepsが作曲に協力した。

Those acts were all at peak visibility at the same time Moscow Club was last active, during a stretch of time when Hotel Mexico was appearing on English music blogs, and the still-active Jesse Ruins and Sapphire Slows were making their debuts. Moscow Club hoped to get even more Japanese bands some attention via the “C86″ compilation, which highlighted a lot of the country’s underground indie acts. One element unified them all: they sang in English and avoided playing up their nationality.

こうした活動は、モスクワクラブの活動が盛んだった時期、すなわちHotel Mexicoがイギリスの音楽ブログに掲載されたり、今もなお精力的に活動を続けているJesse RuinsやSapphire Slowsがデビューした頃に最もピークを迎えていた。また、日本各地のインディペンデントなアーティストを集めたコンピレーションアルバム「Ç86」を通して国内の同志にもっと注目が集まることをモスクワクラブは願っていた。彼らを一言で表現するならば、英語で歌い、国籍を強調することがないということである。

“Most of the time, I think foreign listeners find out music is from Japan and they kind of judge it — we wanted to remove that from the beginning,” Matsubara says. It’s an issue he and his friends talk about frequently — how Japanese music tends to only get attention if it meets certain criteria associated with the country (think descriptors like “kawaii,” “crazy,” “anime” and “Harajuku”).


“Sometimes I think if we weren’t Japanese, more foreign media would write about us. We would be looked at differently,” Matsubara says.


Tokyo’s indie scene has changed dramatically since Moscow Club took a break. Matsubara says acts are focused more on the domestic market, but still use the Web to get noticed — which has worked. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing, they just have different goals than us.”


“Two years ago, a lot of bands shared the same idea as us,” Horiuchi adds. “But major labels came in and signed them, and their attitude changed. They got comfy.”


“If we had been written about in Pitchfork two years ago, it would have been a big deal in Japan,” Matsubara says. “But nowadays nobody seems to care (what is being said overseas). The goal is to be talked about in Japan.”


Nobody in Moscow Club is changing the band’s ambitions with “Outfit of the Day” — this is still ultimately a hobby, and the band are in no rush to play live shows yet (“maybe February next year”). The album, however, is the welcome return of one of the capital’s most talented groups, and also a bit of a time capsule in the country’s indie-rock scene from when the prospect of international attention was very real.

モスクワクラブの価値観は「outfit of the day」に於いても変わっていない。結局のところこれは趣味の延長であり、ライブをすることも急いてはいない。(2/27大阪公演、3/5東京公演が決定。)しかしながら、このアルバムは東京で最も自らの意思を貫いてきたグループの一つの歓迎すべき復帰作品であり、可能性が世界に拓かれていた頃からの日本のインディーシーンの小さなタイムカプセルなのである。

Thank God for that station melody.


Via Japan Times
Written by Patric St. Michel
Translated by Keiichiro Hashimoto