Dream Love - Love Juice (featuring Raw Thrills)

Love Juice (featuring Raw Thrills) by Dream Love

Cassingle out June 12th on Noise Horror

dream love ft. RAW THRILLS!!!!!!!!!
cassette release?
jesus ;-)


The Bilinda Butchers - Stevie Nicks

neu track → Zoom Lens V.A [ZL-07] featuring the bilinda butchers - boyfriend

i love Bilinda Butchers! (of course, Bilinda Butcher too.)
funny name lol
french band.

Moscow Olympics - The Farthest City

from the Philippines...?
the band name, taken from the song of orange juice...
In the past, they have released from beko.→beko12
And further, have released from Japan.→happyprince



möscow çlub - jellyfish

jellyfish by wearemoscowclub

our neu musik.
plz listen ;)

artwork by ch******.
her photos are lovely pastel.
her flickr

möscow çlub - love Dresden

love Dresden by wearemoscowclub

our neu musik.
plz listen ;)

artwork by h*****.
he sincerely loves film cameras.
his flickr


Magical Mistakes - Fetishization

Fetishization by Magical Mistakes

j a p o n a i z e ! ! ! ? ? ?
a w e s o m e ! ! ! ! X0

Chad Valley - Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel) ft. Rose Dagul

Now That I'm Real (How Does It Feel) ft. Rose Dagul by chadvalley
Here’s the new single from Oxford’s Chad Valley forthcoming second EP “Equatorial Ultravox” for one of our favourite new labels, Cascine. The “Equatorial Ultravox” EP features seven new tracks full of summery dance-pop vibes and is coming out on June 20th. In one word: Perfect!

cooool !



Not long after releasing their debut EP Pink Flowers, newly formed group Horrid Red (formely members of Siltbreeze, Teenage Panzerkorps) are follwoing up with Silent Party, a new 7″ that continues the band’s fascination with the darker side of New Wave/Post-Punk. You can download the EP’s title track here, and pick up the rest over at Soft Abuse. “Silent Party” features Bunker Wolf’s moodily terrifying German lyricism over a funky bassline, drums, and twangy, twitchy guitar

lovely artwork.

Galway - Sunrise 1991

from russia!
real m o s c o w ;)


EMA - Milkman

New icon of riot girl???

möscow çlub gig 14 May 2011

we enjoyed.
plz watch ;))

May & June, möscow çlub's Neu EP out.


Race of Robots - Only You

sexy ;)

Pandit x NazcarNation

Pandit – Kathryn, my love (NazcarNation desecration)

Pandit - Kathryn, My Love from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.

möscow çlub - just ain't gonna work out (Mayer Hawthorne cover)

just ain't gonna work out (moscow crew take) by wearemoscowclub

moscow crew loves Mayer Hawthorne.
the world is buzzed about his EP, i was covering him song today.

...later, you can download at Bandcamp ;)


14 May 2011 @shibuya echo

this is new Accommodation

14 May 2011 22:00-
\1,500- (w/drink)

@shibuya echo

the eglle
möscow çlub ⇐it's me!

Sumire(Twee Grrrls Club)

Yoshihiko (PLUG)
figgy (from England to me!)
sugar (the eglle / WONDERKIND)
Yuta sekiyama (Playing Pate / from England to me!)

cutting Dorothy




Mayer Hawthorne - Impressions EP

Mayer Hawthorne's Impressions EP finds the Los Angeles singer and producer putting his own spin on classic tunes by Electric Light Orchestra and the Isley Brothers as well selections by contemporary acts like Chromeo and Jon Brion. Hawthorne's production style is slick and meticulous, calling back to the rich, elegant sound of early Seventies tracks by Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes while including subtle modern touches. Though his takes on ELO's cheery hit "Mr. Blue Sky" and the obscure soul single "You've Got the Makings of a Lover" are remarkably faithful, it's most thrilling to hear Hawthorne reimagine "Don't Turn the Lights On," a recent track by the Montreal electro duo Chromeo, as an orchestral soul slow jam.

sweet cover
(sigh sigh...)

download free →here

read the track by track descriptions from Mayer below.


thinking of you (music video)

thinking of you from möscow çlub on Vimeo.

our music video.

plz, watch ;)

thinking of you e.p.

download free!

artwork by yak** & huym

Field Trips - I Am The Sun

so nice ;)


Friends - I Wonder What Your Mom's Thinking(Demo)

japonaise band "friends".
neu track ;)


CHAD VALLEY - Equatorial Ultravox

we love Chad Valley ;)

cant wait XD