möscow çlub gig 16 Dec 2011

möscow çlub gig 16 Dec 2011 from moscow club on Vimeo.

LIVEFETM! and next gig OZ!
with joy ;)


Occult You - Warp Drive

japon ;)

i was hooked just heard this tune once.


möscow çlub - St.Ptrsbrg mixtape

St.Ptrsbrg mixtape by wearemoscowclub

our mode 2011.
we want express our respect to their ;)

【00:00】AAPS - Sick Lullabies
【01:10】Philippe Laurent - Distorsion
【02:45】Das Ding - Reassurance Ritual
【04:22】Body - Middle Of The Night
【07:40】Melon - Pleasure Before Your Breakfast
【09:53】Isabelle Antena - Booby Trap
【11:22】Scritti Politti - Don’t Work That Hard
【13:16】Rock Steady Crew - Hey You
【15:05】Yu Aihara - yakusoku-suruyo
【17:18】VOLTA CAB - ice
【18:44】Deux - Sex and Trouble
【20:28】Kosmonautentraum - Juri Gagarin
【21:52】James Chance & the Contortions - Don’t Want To Be Happy
【23:27】Rip Rig & Panic - Knee Deep In Shit
【24:49】Maximum Joy - Searching For A Feeling
【27:04】LiLiput - Split
【29:00】Ippu-Do - moonlight magic
【30:40】The Crooner - Strawberry Trip
【33:08】StewRat - The Only One
【35:02】RAH Band - Clouds Across The Moon

Tags: Minimal Wave Disco Synth Ndw Mutant Funk Postpunk New Wave Indie 80's Mixtape

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