Letter from Six-Candy Syndicate



We have created a candy.
You can buy it at the venue.


Alpaca Sports JAPAN TOUR 2013

We are so extremely happy and honoured to be invited to visit your beautiful country and to play concerts with so many great bands and dj's in Japan in November. When we released our first single "Just for fun" in the beginning of 2012 more than half of the records were sold in Japan, and your wonderful support has continued since then.
When Ray Kimura (the fantastic illustrator who has done all of our artworks) sent us a photo with a shelf filled with Alpaca Sports records at Tower Records in Tokyo we couldn't believe our eyes, that has been a dream of ours since we were little kids.
We can't thank you all enough, and see you very soon!
Lots of love from, Alpaca Sports

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ALPACA SPORTS will come to Japan. 
There had been some historical events between the north europe and the eastern europe.
(We are möscow çlub!)
Leaving that aside.
We love Scandinavian music.
Looking forward to.

Sauna Cool - Sauna Cool 1


TEEN RUNNINGS published a new idea ;)
Like this.