Stephen Farris – Orange mellow

mellow ;)

simian ghost - lovelorn

Lovelorn by Simian Ghost

side project by Sebastian who is guitarist/vocalist of AERIAL
Simian Ghost just entered a collaboration with Playground Music. First up is the release of the digital mini-album “Lovelorn”


tip top tellix - tiptoptellix

город Екатеринбу


Living Island (H.R. Pufnstuf Remix)

POGO's Neu video.

so cute <333

he says
"My remix of H.R. Pufnstuf, composed using vocal syllables, musical chords and sound effects recorded from the hit TV show."


Shine 2009 - Realism

Shine 2009 - Realism by CASCINE

first LP stream!
how beautiful ;)

"Sunday Hi-5" included Faron Square !!

OMG! awesome XD

faron square's Neu Track is so amazing!!!!!

Soooooo. Its been one heck of a week. Lots of work, etc. Now its all about Anticipation. Reflection. Music.

mp3: Save The Clocktower – Taped Noise | Bandcamp

mp3: Purity Ring – Loftcries | Myspace

mp3: Faron Square – Comes Around You | Myspace

mp3: Dream Love – Wrong Distance And Time | Noise Horror

mp3: Bantum – Howaru | Bandcamp


the eglle - Swimming

Latest tracks by the eglle

japonaize crazy girls. excellent ;)

nag ar juna - WINTER REISE

A1 WINTER REISE by de·te·ri·o·ra·tion

A5 HOW MANY FRIENDS CAN DIE HAPPILY by de·te·ri·o·ra·tion

i think highly of him.
he is a japonaiz artist.


Dream Love - Wrong Distance and Time

Wrong Distance and Time by Dream Love

vampire disco? lol

We'll Get It Next Time by Dream Love

dam funk × whitch house ?

i dont know anymore... (〜Q〜)
(but i really love these songs)


YOUTH LAGOON - cannons

THE YEAR OF HIBERNATION to be released summer '11 on Juno Beach Records

i love "cannons".

New Navy - Zimbabwe


BeachesBeaches - Just Just

Just Just by BeachesBeaches

track maker? magician?
repeating the same word twice ;)

Santigold ft. Karen O - Go

Santigold Ft Karen O - Go by Hypetrak

Produced By Q-Tip... zesus X(

Jesse Ruins – Dream analysis

this is japonese dark wave?
listen here.

Onra - Sitting Back

Onra - Sitting Back - Official Video from Matt Ferran on Vimeo.



möscow çlub - thinking of you

thinking of you by wearemoscowclub

unveiling of the first.
our neu musik.
plz listen ;)


tonguesanddrums - Future Music

last year...

StewRat - The Only One

star slinger? blackbird blackbird? no, no, no,

StewRat ;)

Ambitious Lovers - Admit It

oh, no, no, wa, ve,


monochrome set, friends(UK), sloppy joe


monochrome set

very very very awesome gigs!!!
Leicester's beard was a charming ;)
(above picture may be hard to understand lol)

sloppy joe - Country

friends - You'll Never See That Summertime Again

monochrome set - Jacob's Ladder


Triptides - Tropical Dreams

Taragana Pyjarama - Ocean

Shine 2009 - So Free (feat. Paula Abdul)

SHINE 2009 - SO FREE (FEAT. PAULA ABDUL) from SHINE 2009 on Vimeo.


moscow tee

hella ! ! ! !


sorry, not for sale X(