möscow çlub × Gay Vegan Vinyl Cassette - Ç86

hello there!

möscow çlub is happy to announce that we have teamed up with gay vegan vinyl casette and put together a 17 tracks compilation album <Ç86>.
some of you may have heard about this release, and even downloaded this comp already, but we just wanted you to know a little story behind this release.

there are a lot of amazing artists that we love and respect in today's japanese indie scene. (e.g. all the Cuz Me Pain guys, Jesse Ruins, Sapphire Slows, Hotel Mexico , Teen Runnings and so on.)
and we could have asked them to contribute songs to this comp.
but what we wanted to do was to introduce the world some the unsigned unique DIY artists by releasing this comp.
pretty sure most of you have never heard of half the bands on this comp, or maybe none of the bands, including möscow çlub.
we think that it is so exciting that there are still so many undiscovered amazing talents creating their own sound somewhere on this little island. (note, our pastime is a song we wrote to cerebrate this DIY scene!)
so that is why we only asked the artists who haven't had a physical release to join this comp. 

just like how people started listening to primal screams and the pastels after NME released the legendary C86 casette, we hope this comp will help the artists get their music heard, and most importantly, we hope this will help you find your new favorites! now you know why we named this comp <Ç86> with a Ç!

in addition to
  • the original 17 tracks and an amazing cover art by yosuke yamaguchi, 
  • this comp comes with a digital booklet made by breezesquad and elen never sleeps, 
  • and a collage art by dilla zombie, 
  • and 7 covers of trackss from the original C86
when you download it.

at last, we wanted to thank Luke from International Tapes (our all time favorite music blog. tons of great stuff on here) for premiering this comp! we couldn't have asked a better way to release this compilation. that definitely was one of the highlight moments since we started this band. thank you!