Canopies and Drapes - Violet Lilly Rose Daisy (trailer)

///// 2011.10.05 Release ///// 
Canopies and Drapes "Violet Lilly Rose Daisy"  
01. Live in the Snow Globe 
02. Perfect Step 
03. Sleeping Under the Bed 
04. Stars in Bloom  
“"Canopies and Drapes" is the solo project, launched by "chick" in 2011. She lives in Tokyo, and all music and lyrics are written by her. She is effected by "Lykke Li" and "Emmy the Great." Her clear voice floats on dreamy and melancholic sound with harmony of synthesizer. She describes her sound as "listening the whisper of shooting star." Canopies and Drapes' music sparkles among the vanity of the city, and the fragility!!!!! This title is taken from 4 girls named after flowers 'Violet Lilly Rose Daisy' in the film "the brown bunny" So, as its title, there are 4 songs singing about tiny moments of each girls' daily life. And these song are carried with sweet and frail tone. She succeeded that chill wave and witch house("oOoOO" and "Balam Acab" ) mixed into pop music. This piece will mastered at 'Electric Mastering' in London. She desires to communicate with indie music lovers from all over the world!!”

in October, our friend will release ;)